Reel Teens

Watch soon! - Teens talking to teens about mental health in, “The Reel Teens Stand Together: Help & Hope”

NOTE: The Reel Teens mental health show has not yet aired. Please check back around June 1st to view the episode, or watch it live on Saturday, May 27 at 9am on Fox53. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, please enjoy the previous episode from the Reel Teens included below.

The Reel Teens Pittsburgh is a group of student film-makers using their skills and talents to address an important social issue-the mental health of young people.

Watch as the Reel Teens address the stigma which often surrounds mental health challenges, and empower youth and adults with hopeful messages and helpful resources.

Hear from teens living with mental health challenges; see a room-sized bubble meant to bust stigma; and learn about the importance of seeking help.

Thank you for watching this important show, and for sharing it with others!